IFAD in Mongolia

Since 1996 IFAD has helped rural poor people in Mongolia by funding development projects in the livestock sector, the key to the livelihoods of rural Mongolians. IFAD approved a first loan of US$3.5 million to the Mongolian Government to finance the Arhangai and Huvsgul Rural Poverty Alleviation Project (AHRPAP). IFAD supported a second project in Mongolia, the Rural Poverty Reduction Programme, with a loan of more than US$11.0 million. A third project, the Market and Pasture Management Development Project, was approved by the Executive Board in May 2011. 

To help reduce poverty in rural areas, IFAD is committed to a total investment of close to US$31.3 million. Projects have introduced an innovative restocking scheme that helps herders rebuild their herds with credit in kind. Credit is also provided for vegetable production and activities that generate income for non-herder families.

IFAD strategy in Mongolia

IFAD strategy in Mongolia focuses on helping poor herders take full advantage of the market-oriented economy, and on supporting development of activities that generate cash income for rural poor people, particularly women. IFAD supports technical services, participatory rangeland management and rural finance services.

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Source: IFAD