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Fisheries Investment Project

The Fisheries Investment Project is national in scope and covers all nine maritime governorates along the Yemeni coast. The project will benefit small-scale fishers, fishers’ organizations, poor households interested in engaging in aquaculture, and poor households interested in starting up microbusinesses in response to market demand for goods and services.

The project goal is to improve the economic status of small fisher households, by creating sustainable and diversified economic opportunities for poor women and men in fishing communities.

The project will focus on:

  • Sustainable resource management
  • Value chain development

The project is consistent with the Government’s medium-term expenditure framework as articulated in the Development Plan for Poverty Reduction (2006-2010) and with IFAD’s country strategic opportunities programme for Yemen (2008-2013).

Source: IFAD

Design Report

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Interim Review Report

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