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Al-Dhala Community Resource Management Project

Almost one third of rural people in Al-Dhala Governorate are poor, and most of them live in villages in remote areas. The project's objective is to improve their living standards and income security by supporting better management of the resource base and increased opportunities for generating income.

The specific aims of the project are to:

  • provide access to water and protect and restore the natural resource base
  • equip and support farming households to enable them to improve their agricultural output and pursue other opportunities for generating income
  • empower communities, including women and poor people, to participate in and benefit from community-based planning and implementation, and develop their institutional capacity

The project's core concern is to achieve sustainable benefits by fostering self-reliance and promoting community ownership of the development process. Activities build the capacity of communities to plan, manage, implement and monitor their own development activities. The project works to promote women's development and ensure that women are an integral part of the community's decision-making processes. It builds community institutions that are capable of sustaining development and maintaining its momentum.


Source: IFAD

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