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Project to Promote Local Initiatives for Development in Aguié


The goal of this project is to improve incomes, food security and living conditions for poor rural communities in Aguié Department and the neighbouring communes of Saé Saboua and Giratawa. To that end, the project has introduced cereal and food banks run by local women to help ensure that food is available year-round. It also supports the adoption of new technologies to raise the productivity of staple crops.

Other project activities include:

  • Constructing and equipping health centres and schools
  • Training community workers in household health and nutrition
  • Providing new safe-water points.

In addition, the project helps to build the capacity of grassroots rural organizations, enabling them to conceive and implement local development initiatives. To better assess community needs, it uses an innovative approach in which villagers themselves gather information on household size, assets and vulnerability. Besides generating more reliable local information, this approach helps the target group participate in identifying and formulating solutions to local problems.

Source: IFAD

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