IFAD partners in India

In recent years, IFAD has developed close relationships with other donors and agencies in India. It has a particularly strong partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP), involving joint funding and supervision of projects, as well as collaboration on advocacy and other initiatives. WFP has co-financed three IFAD-supported projects by providing food assistance valued at over US$10.0 million. This food resource has proved highly effective in targeting the poorest households in communities and supporting nutritional inputs for strengthened social services.

The Department for International Development (United Kingdom) cofinances the IFAD-assisted tribal empowerment project in Orissa. IFAD cofinanced a recently closed rural women’s empowerment project with the World Bank and is exploring the possibility of a partnership with the German Agency for Technical Cooperation.

Since the late 1980s, when IFAD began working with more than two dozen non-governmental organizations on a women’s development project, it has built strong partnerships with India’s civil society organizations. IFAD has established partnerships with formal financial institutions – both private and public – for its rural finance initiatives. On the local level, IFAD supports partnerships with community-based organizations as a key to sustainable development.

IFAD will continue to forge and strengthen partnerships with government agencies, CSOs, farmers’ and tribal organizations, women’s and youth organizations, international cooperation agencies, the corporate sector and academic and research bodies in its effort to make available the necessary knowledge, competencies, resources and agency to enable poor rural people to overcome poverty.