IFAD in Tajikistan

Since 2008, IFAD has invested US$26.9 million Tajikistan, thus mobilizing overall investments for a total of US$30.7 million

Financing for IFAD’s first project in the country was approved by the Executive Board in December 2008. The financing is in the form of a grant, under an agreement signed by the Government of Tajikistan and IFAD in January 2009. Because this is the first IFAD-supported operation in Tajikistan, the organization has made special efforts to ensure that the design builds on lessons and experiences from existing community development projects in the country.

A second project, the Livestock and Pasture Development Project, was approved by the Executive Board in May 2011.

IFAD’s strategy

IFAD’s overarching objectives in the country are to improve the livelihoods of poor rural people by strengthening their organizations and enabling them to access productive technologies and resources. IFAD provides strategic support for improving natural resource management, implementing land reforms and strengthening local institutions and grass-roots organizations.

Source: IFAD