IFAD in Syria

Since 1982, IFAD has supported eight projects in Syria with loans totalling US$154.2 million for projects with a total value of US$533.3 million. The organization has also provided a number of grants, including technical assistance grants to support women’s empowerment.

IFAD works in partnership with the government, other donors, NGOs, local institutions and civil society organizations. It finances initiatives which enable poor rural people in Syria’s agricultural settlement areas to improve their incomes and living conditions.  

IFAD is working towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals and its interventions endeavour to reduce poverty and promote gender equality and environmental sustainability.

The main aims of IFAD’s strategy are to:

  • Enable the rural poor to improve and ensure sustainable management of land and water resources
  • Promote sustainable rural financial services and pro-poor rural small and microenterprises
  • Strengthen the capacity of the rural poor and their organizations through participatory and community-driven development approaches

Through these goals IFAD continues to orient its activities in Syria towards building up inclusive, sustainable institutional systems for natural resources management, the creation of jobs and income generation. Future interventions will be based on the development of irrigated and rainfed agriculture, the improved management of natural resources, enhanced agricultural research and the extension and promotion of microfinance for income-generating activities. Such activities will be complemented by encouraging pro-poor investments and developing pro-poor policies and relevant innovations.

Country strategic opportunities programme (2009)

Source: IFAD