IFAD in Namibia

Namibia became a member state of IFAD in 1992. IFAD’s assistance to Namibia has been limited to a single loan project, the Northern Regions Livestock Development Project, which closed in 2004. Namibia is also a participant in the regional IFAD grant-supported Phytotrade Africa programme.

IFAD’s strategy in Namibia

Following the Government’s expression of renewed interest in June 2008, IFAD is currently exploring the possibility of reactivating its operations in Namibia. Given Namibia’s status as a middle-income country, IFAD’s approach to rural poverty reduction in the country would reflect the organization’s recently elaborated mandate for engagement with middle-income countries, recognizing that many rural pockets within these countries remain untouched by sustained high growth in urban areas. IFAD’s future assistance in Namibia, if there is to be any assistance based on shared understanding between the Government and the Fund, would likely be directed towards the northern communal area, with its high density of poor rural people and good potential for rural development.

Source: IFAD