IFAD in Indonesia

Since 1980, IFAD has extended loans to Indonesia for 15 programmes and projects totalling US$409.9 million. Eleven of the programmes and projects have been completed, and four are ongoing. IFAD has also funded a number of country and regional grants to support investment projects in the country.

Under the country strategic opportunities programme (COSOP) for Indonesia for the period 2009 to 2013, the goal of IFAD's interventions in the country is to empower poor rural women and men to enhance their food security, increase their incomes and reduce poverty. Our assistance focuses on developing smallholder agriculture and local agribusinesses, thereby opening up new markets and stimulating the growth of rural economies.

IFAD's strategy takes account of the large number of ‘near poor' people living close to the poverty line, and focuses on increasing incomes for both poor and near poor groups. Our programmes help reduce the vulnerability of smallholders to external shocks that could be precipitated by climatic extremes as a result of climate change, natural disasters or volatile global markets. They focus particularly on meeting the needs and sponsoring the interests of ethnic minority communities and indigenous peoples.

IFAD's specific strategic objectives are to:

  • Increase access to productive assets, appropriate technology and production systems that support on- and off-farm productivity
  • Enhance access to infrastructure, markets and financial services
  • Build the capacity of poor rural people to engage in local policy and development processes.


Case study: Brokering  Development: Enabling Factors for Public-Private-Producer Partnerships in Agricultural Value Chains

Source: IFAD