IFAD in Congo

Since 1983, IFAD has provided US$56.0 million to support seven projects in the Republic of Congo. Four projects are completed and three are in progress.

Since 2004 IFAD is financing rural development interventions to assist people in the departments of Plateaux, Cuvette and Western Cuvette,Niari, Bouenza, Lékoumou, Kouliou. Likouala, Pool and Sangha.

The IFAD-financed country programme helped to reduce poverty through a range of activities addressing problems of cassava mosaic disease; the adoption of novel approaches in cassava production and propagation; the rehabilitation of key rural access roads and the construction of small bridges. Cassava yields have increased and applied agricultural research has been relaunched; village development committees have been set up; community development plans have been made and 90 micro-projects identified. Furthermore, wells have been built providing drinking water and educators in HIV/AIDS have been trained.

IFAD's strategy in the Congo

The objective of IFAD's Strategic Opportunities Programme (2010-2014) is to bring about a sustainable improvement in income and food security for poor rural people.

The programme's three strategic objectives are:

  • to increase small farmers' access to appropriate and effective technologies in agriculture and fishing to improve their production, processing, storage and preservation;
  • to increase small farmers' access to transparent markets for agricultural and fishery inputs and products for the targeted chains;
  • to increase rural organizations and producers' organizations participation in local and national planning and policy making.

Source: IFAD