IFAD in China

In 1981, IFAD became one of the first international donors to finance operations in China. IFAD is the only one of China's development partners dedicated exclusively to reducing poverty and increasing food and nutrition security in rural areas.

Most IFAD-funded programmes and projects in China operate in remote and mountainous regions, where there are large numbers of poor indigenous people. These initiatives usually include a focus on rural women, because they are largely responsible for farm production and household tasks. IFAD has supported activities such as land improvement, irrigation and water conservation, as well as increased production of food, cash crops, livestock and fish.

The China Country Strategic Opportunities Programme (COSOP) 2016-2020 aims to redefine IFAD's engagement in China in light of the changing context and evolving nature of IFAD/China cooperation.

The goal of the COSOP is to reduce rural poverty and enable smallholders in poor priority areas to benefit from the rural transformation process. To contribute to this goal, the IFAD-supported programme will focus on pursuing two strategic objectives:

  • Increase smallholders' capacity and opportunities to access markets;
  • Strengthen environmental sustainability and climate resilience.

Source: IFAD