IFAD in Chad

Since 1992 IFAD has approved seven loans to Chad for a total amount of US$91.4 million. In addition to loans, Chad has received a significant amount of grant funds, including two Belgian Survival Fund Joint Programme grants totalling US$3.7 million, a supplementary grant of US$1.0 million from the Italian Government and IFAD grants amounting to US$2.0 million.

IFAD's strategy in Chad

Currently, most of IFAD's operations in Chad focus on the Sahelian region of the country. The Sahelian zone is one of the poorest regions in the world. Development interventions focus on improving food security while protecting the environment, and on integrating economic, social, health and community development activities within selected target areas. Project initiatives also help strengthen capacity among the local populations, and increase farmers' access to appropriate technologies for better management of natural resources.  Interventions range from introducing micro-irrigation in the ouadis, to improving access to financial services and training, for example. The empowerment of local women is also a priority. Specific objectives of IFAD's strategy are to:

  • improve the social and economic status of poor rural people
  • empower local communities by building effective grass-roots organizations
  • improve sustainable access to financial services
  • support natural resource management to ensure long-term productivity in the most vulnerable areas

See more: County Strategic Opportunities Programme (COSOP), 2009



Source: IFAD