IFAD's strategy in Cameroon


Since 1981, IFAD has financed nine rural development programmes and projects in Cameroon. Two are now under way:

The IFAD intervention strategy in Cameroon for 2007-2012 supports the achievement of the objectives of the DSCE and the SDSR and is aimed at enhancing the conditions of rural poor people by focusing on the following objectives:

  • Building the organizational capacity and bargaining power of poor rural people and their organizations;
  • Achieving sustainable improvements in the prospects for income-generating on-farm and off-farm activities of poor rural people, particularly women and young people.

Achieving the first objective will enable Cameroon's poor rural people to take part in formulating, monitoring and evaluating rural development policies and to lobby public authorities to respond to their needs. This objective also promotes good governance and increased negotiating power among poor rural people in their dealings with merchants, who are generally better informed about market conditions.

The second objective is to facilitate poor people's participation in economic life in order to raise their incomes. The aim is to make Cameroonian products more competitive on markets nationally, regionally (CEMAC) and internationally, by improving soil fertilization and water management. IFAD's interventions in Cameroon will also endeavour to boost agricultural productivity through better access to adapted technologies and services. They will focus on promoting off-farm small enterprises and microenterprises as well as financial services tailored to the needs of rural people to enable them to invest in productive activities.

The COSOP mid-term review carried out in 2010 confirmed the continued relevance of the focus on the capacity-building of farmers' organizations, the modernization of family farming in line with the DSCE and the targeting of women. Creation of opportunities for young people in agriculture remained a major issue. The new IFAD strategy in Cameroon for 2013-2017 will take into account these considerations.

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Source: IFAD